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to Organizational Transformation!

Rapid, Measurable Results – Guaranteed!

Exemplary Service – Personal – Customized – Customer Centered

At the heart of every undertaking is the goal of fast, measurable results for optimizing talent, building healthy, highly productive environments, and maximizing return on investment.

Our customized programs help organizations develop exceptional leaders, get the most and best from their employees, identify and develop top performers, measurably improve hiring, placement and training initiatives, and better manage all types of change to ensure your current and future management team has the skills, vision and resources to lead your company into the future and toward greatness.

Change is inevitable and, in today’s world, often too rapid for most employees to be comfortable with. Yet, effectively managing change is key to organizational greatness, growth and profits. Whether your organization is changing in size, merging with another company, facing a new competitive challenge, refocusing, or simply working toward a better future, Dr. Buffington and her team can provide you with the tools and solutions to maximize your efforts and minimize your costs.

We partner with our customers to define the success metrics that will be meaningful to their particular organization and use state-of-the-art tools, best practices, and real-world experience to deliver bottom line results. We deliver customized solutions and measurable results, not theories or philosophies. The success of your organization is always a top priority.

Our Central Purpose

To liberate and optimize the performance, potential and passions of people, leaders, and organizations

Our Primary Goal

To earn the right and reputation to be the firm of choice when leaders need expert assistance with:

  • Optimizing the performance of their people
  • Building a positive, productive culture
  • Hiring, promoting and developing top performers
  • Managing, developing and maximizing talent
  • Developing strategies for mastering change for optimal outcomes
  • Enhancing leadership performance
  • Aligning people with corporate values and culture

Discover the Power of:

  • CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile® (CORE MAP)
  • CORE Personal Effectiveness Profile® (CORE PEP)
  • CORE Multidimensional 360° Program
  • CORE Clarity Employee Surveys
  • CORE Workplace Performance Model Analysis
  • CORE Talent Development & Succession Planners

CORE Assessments:

  • Dramatically Improve Hiring and Placement Effectiveness
  • Define Developmental Requirements for Fast, Targeted Results
  • Ensure Every Employee is In the Right Position
  • Measure Essential Core Competencies
  • Reveal Emotional Intelligence in Specific Areas
  • Reveal Coping Capacity
  • Predict Relationship and Job Effectiveness
  • Provide Fast, Highly Effective, Measurable, and Trackable Results

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