From Good to Great to Brilliant! Visionary Leadership for a New Era

Over a ten year period, based on the description of a Level 5 Leader in the book, Good to Great by Jim Collins, and using a proprietary assessment that looks deeply and broadly enough to see beyond typical surface measures and to get right to core attributes, Dr. Buffington set out to discover what makes a great leader. The five year research project resulted in a benchmark of those who fit the L-5 model (what she calls Visionary Leaders) which is full of surprises and which explains why so many organizations are still struggling to go from good to great.  Using what she discovered, organizations now have the means to go from good to great to brilliant!

The New Face of Business:
How the Emerging Workforce is Dramatically Changing the Face of Business and What Today’s Leaders Must Do to Survive and Thrive

In this presentation, Sherry provides an eye opening look at the emerging workforce, made up of Generation X and Millennials and explains why their deeply held values are changing the face of business as we know it and why the changes are likely to last for 50 years or more. Giving leaders a ten to twelve year window to make the necessary adjustments, Sherry explains why business as usual doesn’t work with these generations and provides strategies that will.

Learn how to tap into and make the most of the beautiful minds, bold attitudes and brilliant strategies these generations bring to the workplace.

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind: Why Difficult People are Difficult and How to Manage Them Brilliantly

Difficult people are hard to manage in any environment. In the workplace, they can cause tension, bottlenecks in work flow, missed deadlines, and ineffective teams. Some types sabotage the efforts of others, spread vicious rumors and regularly offend people, while others seek power at the expense of others and destroy morale without regard for the good of others.  In short, they rob you of time, energy and joy. Difficult people can throw normally well-functioning people into a tail spin and reduce the effectiveness of everyone around them. Learn how to handle the Bullies, Snipers, Anti-Socials, Whiners and other difficult types so they are no longer able to derail you.

Getting the Best Out of People – The Star Performance Model

In healthy, profitable organizations, employees are fully engaged and functioning at optimal levels, both individually and in teams.

To inspire star performance, it is essential to understand human nature in general, and the nature of individual employees in specific. In this program, you will learn what motivates different personality types and different generations to perform at their best.

Read ‘Em and Reap™ – Using Non-Verbal Signals to Win

Whether you are a business leader, in sales or just wanting to be more effective at reaping the rewards of connecting with people at the deepest, most essential level, this program can help. It is estimated that as much as 97% of authentic communications are non-verbal and that is non-verbal cues and clues influence 99% of our decisions.

Learning how to read the body language, gestures, expressions, voice tones and general demeanor of others is about as close to mind reading as you will ever come. Nothing tops learning how to use non-verbal communications in purposeful ways. When you can read between the lines, know what people are not saying, and decipher the most honest communication system on Earth; and when you know what lies behind what you are observing, you can get  just about anything you desire.

Beyond Words: Connecting at the Deepest Levels

We communicate in three way; with words, with non-verbal gestures and with conceptual narratives. While the verbal and non-verbal forms of communication are the most readily seen, conceptual narratives are by far the most powerful. This is the language of the powerful subconscious mind.

Conceptual narrative is the process of making connections through analogies, metaphors, suggestions, hints, clues and other methods that engage the imagination and get the listener emotionally and visually involved.

One component of Conceptual narrative is non-verbal gestures, yet this is as small a ratio as is the verbal to non-verbal one which is estimated to be 23:1. Observable gestures make up just 5-10% of this system. To connect at the deepest, most essential levels we need to know how to communicate with the most powerful force available; the subconscious mind.

It is estimated that the subconscious mind is as much as 12,000 times more powerful than the conscious and it has its own language. When you are able to communicate and persuade at that level, you become unstoppable.  Discover why the art of subconscious communication is one of the most powerful tools you will ever have and how you can begin using it to get just about anything you want.

Shine! How to Succeed Brilliantly Right Now

Success is defined as “the attainment of a desired  outcome.” In other words, it is getting what you want. We get what we want best by positively influencing others and we positively influence others best when we shine!  To shine, most people need to get out of their own way; to let go of the limiting messages and beliefs that are tucked away in their subconscious mind, out of sight, but very powerfully affecting their outcomes.

Because the effects of subconscious blocks are quite obvious, many people believe their subconscious mind is their greatest obstacle, and indeed it can be when conscious desires and subconscious patterns are not aligned.  But the subconscious mind is the most powerful asset you have and when it is aligned with your conscious desires, anything you want becomes possible.

During this presentation, you will learn:
•  What is preventing you from shining as brilliantly as you might
•  The one thing you must know to achieve great success
•  The one thing you must do to reach your most cherished goals
•  How you can instantly and effortlessly eliminate blocks that hold you back
•  How you can use the language of the subconscious mind to influence others and
get what you want faster and easier
•  How you can start succeeding brilliantly today