Eliminate Blocks – Make Quantum Leaps To New Levels In Just Hours

Using her extensive knowledge of the workings of the subconscious mind and how it impacts motivation and performance factors, Dr. Sherry Buffington has developed two completely unique processes that instantly and dramatically transform lives and create positive new outcomes.  Using her methods, a practitioner can pinpoint conditioned behavioral patterns that are counter-productive and facilitate the creation of new, beneficial patterns that greatly enhance personal and professional results.

The two methods are Accelerated Mind Patterning™ (AMP), a highly effective process for removing barriers, which Dr. Buffington defines as a series of interrelated blocks, and Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning™ (RAMP), which is a faster process that is highly effective at removing individual mental and emotional blocks

Dr. Buffington has dedicated the past twenty-five years to studying the form and function of the human mind. Through in-depth studies into rapid change modalities such as neuro-linguistic programming, applied kinesiology, hypnotherapy, Silva Mind Method, Brain Gym, EFT, TAT, EMDR and many others, and through studying the workings of the physical brain, Dr. Buffington came to understand the intricate workings of the subconscious mind and realized why many of the methods in use today often fall short of expectations.

Creatively applying the insights she gained from her studies of rapid change methods with her knowledge of neurology, developmental biology, psychology and her in-depth knowledge of subconscious processes, Dr. Buffington continued to refine her original model to develop a highly effective method for working with the subconscious mind which, over the years, evolved into RAMP. Her methods have consistently produced exceptional results for her clients since 1991 even where years of traditional therapy and multiple other methods had failed.

After years of affecting absolutely amazing transformations with AMP and RAMP, Dr. Buffington began training other professionals to administer RAMP in 2011. Using RAMP, a trained practitioner can achieve more in less than an hour than traditional therapy generally accomplishes in years, and the results are immediate and permanent.

The RAMP method rapidly transforms negative, maladaptive, self-destructive or limiting behaviors, removes blocks and revises old, ineffective habits and patterns so the client consistently gets profoundly beneficial effects. With RAMP, habits and ingrained patterns can easily and effortlessly be re-patterned for immediate and permanent change.

Because RAMP is fast (usually less than an hour) and exceptionally effective for removing mental and emotional blocks, which often results in healing on many levels, it can be used effectively in almost any arena (personal, health care, business, military, etc.) to affect instant, permanent, and effortless change.

AMP and RAMP both work by allowing a client to go straight to subconscious programs they are either unaware of or, if aware, have not been able to affect at a conscious level. These methods are not hypnosis. Clients are fully alert and in total control throughout the entire process.

Both AMP and RAMP are successful in providing the result the client is after more than 96% of the time, and the sample size for this statistic is substantial. These methods have been used with several thousand individuals over a twenty year period.

A key discovery for Dr. Buffington as she studied the subconscious mind is that it wants only two things; it wants conceptual survival first and physical survival second. Mental and emotional well-being (happiness) is critical to the survival of the conceptual self, and to the subconscious mind, survival of the conceptual self is more important than survival of the physical self. Therefore the quest for conceptual survival (what the subconscious mind interprets as happiness) takes precedence over physical survival.  That people are able to commit suicide, eat, drink, drug or lifestyle themselves to death are classic demonstrations of this fact. If physical survival was the primary concern of the subconscious mind (as many biologists suggest), destructive behaviors would be impossible. The reason people can destroy themselves is because their subconscious mind has misinterpreted death or the things that lead to destruction as happiness, or the means for survival of the conceptual self.

Nearly three thousand years ago the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, observed that happiness was mankind’s highest goal. It appears he was absolutely correct. To the subconscious mind, which runs the show for each and every one of us, happiness comes above everything else, including physical survival.   It is the subconscious mind’s incessant search for ways to ensure happiness that allows the AMP and RAMP processes to work so rapidly and permanently.

Most subconscious programs are formed very early in life, often before the age of eight. These early programs are not logical in the way the conscious mind thinks of logic, and frequently subconscious programs are strangely convoluted (such as the message that “death equals peace, which equals happiness”), but in every instance the subconscious mind’s primary goal is your happiness.

Because of this, when you are able to access an old, ineffective program and make the subconscious mind aware that the program is not making you happy or directly contributing to your survival, it changes the program instantly. And the change is permanent because the subconscious mind, once aware that the old program didn’t get the intended result, eliminates or updates the old program forever. And since it dwells only in the here and now, it never goes backward and undoes what has been done.

Similar patterns can emerge when an individual is repeatedly exposed to an environment or dynamic that encourages a pattern similar to the old one, but the new pattern is generally less problematical because the previously updated pattern gives the individual new resources with which to manage the environment or dynamic.

The same factor that prevents old, non-beneficial programs from being automatically updated as new information is gained also prevents the newly formed, beneficial ones from ever being modified by external conditions.  The changes made are almost always permanent until they are acted upon (updated) at the subconscious level by a process like AMP or RAMP.

Dr. Buffington says she created the AMP and RAMP processes because “I am a proponent of brief therapy and the briefer, the better.  I believe I owe it to my clients to get them the fastest, most effective results possible and I have never seen another method that gets results faster or more effectively than the AMP an RAMP methods. I prefer to get right to the heart of the matter, get rid of the presenting problem and move on. My clients love that too because they get rapid results that last.  Once one problem (or set of problems) is resolved, we move to the next one and eliminate it, and so on, until there are no problems left in the client’s mind or experience.”

Once a program, and its presenting symptoms or behaviors, is eliminated or updated, the same problem never reappears, and there is NO effort on the client’s part in maintaining the new behaviors. They occur as easily and effortlessly as the old behaviors did. The difference is that, rather than being distressing like the old behaviors were, the new ones are delightful. Clients simply begin to notice themselves feeling differently, doing things differently and getting different results. Clients often report surprise, delight and amazement at how easily and naturally they now do what they always wanted to be doing and without any conscious effort on their part.

With AMP, it is not uncommon to work on more than one program or presenting problem in the same session.  This is especially true when several programs are tied together, generating behaviors or symptoms interdependently.  The subconscious mind will generally address all related programs in one AMP session, which is why a session must be carried out to completion. An AMP session does not end until the client’s subconscious mind reports that the work is done.

A RAMP session is powerfully effective at for removing one or two blocks and can be completed in as little as 20 minutes, though the average time is around an hour.  AMP sessions, on the other hand, can take up to 4 hours especially in the early stages when there are several interconnected programs that need to be addressed and updated or eliminated.

Both AMP and RAMP sessions can be done in person or by phone. Dr. Buffington gathers minimal background data around the presenting problems prior to the session to guide her as the subconscious mind presents patterns, but all she really needs to know to get amazingly powerful results is what the client would like to get out of the session.  The question she asks clients to be able to articulate is, “If you could get anything you wanted out of this session, what would that be?” A client can name as many things as he/she likes.  They won’t necessarily get to all of them in one session, though that does frequently occur. Even if every single thing on the list is not addressed in one session, listing everything you want and ordering each according to its importance helps Dr. Buffington to help the client get results they want  faster and more efficiently.

Most people require only 1 to 4 sessions to address everything they want changed.  Subsequent sessions, if any, are scheduled at the client’s pace. Their own subconscious mind sets the pace and clients have no doubt when it’s time to eliminate or update another subconscious file or group of files.  Some clients want sessions done on a weekly basis until all the things they want to resolve are addressed, some space sessions months or even years apart, and some resolve everything in just one session and never need another one. No two experiences are ever alike, so it isn’t possible to predict how many old programs will be updated in one session or how many sessions will be required before everything is resolved to a client’s satisfaction and delight.

What can be predicted is, once your subconscious mind reports that resolution has occurred, it HAS occurred.  Dr. Buffington say she has never had an instance, not one, where the subconscious mind reported something was done when it wasn’t. It appears that we are unable to lie or be deceptive at a subconscious level. So when the subconscious mind says something is done, you can take it to the bank.

In addition to removing old blocks and barriers that prevent success, AMP and RAMP have been used effectively for improving or eliminating  the symptoms of conditions such as ADD/ADHD, depression, PTSD, Bi-Polar Disorder, migraine headaches, and minimizing back pain and other chronic pains.

You can learn more about AMP and RAMP and the workings of the subconscious mind at BanishBlocks.com.

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